APAAR ID Login, Registration, Apply, One nation One Student ID Card Benefits

APAAR ID Login, Registration, Apply, One nation One Student ID Card Benefits

APAAR ID is a significant step of Ministry of Education Government of India. Its actually based on the thinking of One Nation One Student ID Card. The meaning of APAAR is Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry. This card is functional from pre primary level to higher education. This card has a lot of significance for students. Students must complete the registration and login process to get the card through the portal APAAR ID @apaar.education.gov.in.

The APAAR ID’s role is immense in the education field. Because at academic level we had to physically carry academic achievement certificate or academic certificate earlier but now it will not be required anymore. Because with this ID we can digitally store any kind of academic certificate or achievement of our academic journey. This is why the One Nation One Student ID Card scheme occupies an important space in a student’s academic journey.


APAAR stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry. This is actually a unique ID card that contains 12 unique digits that not only store any student’s academic progress digitally but also stores student’s name, father’s name, D.O.B, Educational achievement certificates and sports achievements also. So the significance of this card is, students no longer have to physically carry any certificate anywhere. All the registered APAAR ID user (student) can store their academic progress digitally through the One nation One Student ID Card. They can also access their academic data through online from anywhere. For this reason students needs to register and create their 12 digit apaar ID. Also they can login @ https://apaar.education.gov.in.

One nation One Student ID Card Overview

AimOne nation One Student ID Card
APAAR meaningAutomated Permanent Academic Account Registry
Authorised byMinistry of Education and Government of India
BeneficiaryStudents from all over India
Benefitsstores academic data
Total ID Created2.38 Cr
Mode of RegistrationOnline
APAAR Portalapaar.education.gov.in
Digilocker portaldigilocker.gov.in

APAAR ID Registration @ apaar.education.gov.in

  • Visit apaar.education.gov.in
  • Click on Create your Apaar
  • To create a new Apaar ID click on create New
  • Provide Aadhaar number
  • You will receive an OTP in your aadhaar authenticated mobile.
  • Submit the OTP.
  • Navigate to new user sign up
  • Provide your mobile number and generate a new OTP.
  • Again provide your Name, user name, pin, and verify
  • Complete the Aadhaar authentication
  • Enter your academic information.
  • Submit the details

APAAR ID Login Step By Step Guide

After the registration, student can access their APAAR portal via APAAR ID login. The process is as follows

  • Visit again the Apaar portal apaar.education.gov.in
  • Navigate to Create Your APAAR
  • Submit your 12 Digit provisional APAAR ID number
  • Submit the details.

APAAR ID Benefits

APAAR ID is a new paradigm in Digital India’s advancement of digital thinking. There are many benefits of this card and now we are highlighting all those benefits.

  • All types of academic data such as academic results, academic progress, mark sheets will be stored in this card.
  • If a student gets any achievement or award in the field of education, that information will also be stored in this card.
  • If any students come under any scholarship program, the information of that scholarship will be stored in this card.
  • This card will have credit score based on academic data. Which will be very useful in getting a job in future.
  • This card will also be very helpful in school transfer of students.

Important Portals

APAAR registration PortalApaar
Digilocker portaldigilocker.gov.in


Whats is the official APAAR portal?

abc.gov.in is the official APAAR portal.

What is APAAR ID?

Its a unique 12 digit card that can store student’s academic progress and achievement data.

What is the digilocker portal address?

digilocker.gov.in is the digilocker portal’s web address

How many digits are present in APAAR ID?

There are 12 digits are prersent.

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